Will China invade Taiwan in 2023?

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Short answer:
  • Due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, nations have learned their lessons, and it is unlikely that China will invade Taiwan in 2023, according to most experts.

What are the issues between China and Taiwan[edit]

Taiwan is an island located around 160 kilometers off the coast of southeast China. In the 17th century, when the Qing dynasty started controlling the island, it fell under complete Chinese rule. Then, in 1895, after losing the first Sino-Japanese war, they ceded the island to Japan.

China reclaimed the island in 1945, following Japan's defeat in World War II.

A civil war broke out on the Chinese mainland between nationalist government troops. In 1949, the communists prevailed and assumed control of Beijing.

A satellite image of Taiwan, showing it is mostly mountainous in the east, with gently sloping plains in the west. The Penghu Islands are west of the main island.

The Kuomintang nationalist party fled to Taiwan, where they dominated for the following several decades.

China cites this history to assert that Taiwan was once a province of China. But the Taiwanese say that they were never a part of the modern Chinese state, which was created in 1911 after the revolution, or the People's Republic of China, founded under Mao in 1949.[1]

China has not invaded Taiwan yet because a full-scale war remains a risky affair[edit]

Taiwan is a peace-loving democracy, similar to Ukraine, that is the target of belligerent irredentism by more militarily strong and menacing bordering autocracies; yet, there are important contrasts. China under Xi Jinping is not Russia under Vladimir Putin, nor is Taiwan Ukraine. As in the situation of Russia and Ukraine, when resources are devoted towards the war and both nations struggle to achieve peace, with one country suffering more than the other, there is no way to terminate the continuous conflict.[2]

U.S. President Joe Biden has reaffirmed that the U.S. will protect Taiwan if a war ensues[edit]

United Nations for Taiwan banner at Taipei Railway Station.

The US Congress has enacted the Taiwan Relations Act, which, among other things, requires the US to equip Taiwan with the tools to defend itself. Therefore, the United States is required by federal law to provide Taiwan with the tools to defend itself. The United States is Taiwan's most significant foreign ally and weapons supplier.

As the self-governed island faces increased pressure from China, a Senate committee in the United States has taken the first step toward legislation that would considerably increase US military support for Taiwan, including possibly billions of dollars in extra security aid.[3]

There are speculations that China may threaten war as early as 2023 to force talks with Taiwan[edit]

If someone attempts to separate Taiwan from China, the Chinese army would launch a war regardless of the cost," During a discussion with Lloyd Austin, Defense Minister Wei Fenghe stated:

Xi Jinping, like his predecessors, has not ruled out the use of force to "reunite" democratically controlled Taiwan.

TAIPEI — Taiwan's senior intelligence officer warns that China may threaten war in 2019 to compel the Taiwanese government into accepting discussions meant to subjugate the island's democracy to Beijing's domination.[4][5]

The preparation for war will have specific indicators before it happens[edit]

The modern conflict between superpowers consumes vast quantities of vital munitions, particularly precision-guided ones for high-intensity naval, air, and amphibious combat.[6]

So China would have already begun its ascent.

  1. At least one year before D-Day, the manufacture of ballistic and cruise missiles, anti-air, air-to-air, and huge rockets for long-range beach bombardment, intercontinental ballistic missiles, and countless other things began.
  2. Financial features such as the introduction of stricter cross-border capital restrictions, a freeze on foreign financial assets inside China, and the swift liquidation and repatriation of Chinese assets held overseas are included.
  3. It would also include an increase in emergency stockpiling, such as medicine or key technology inputs; a suspension of key exports, such as critical minerals, refined petroleum products, or food; measures to reduce demand or ration key goods, particularly imports such as oil and gas; and prioritization or redirection of key inputs for military production.
  4. Chinese elites and high-priority employees will likewise be restricted in their overseas travel.

There are arguments that China cannot invade Taiwan anytime soon[edit]

China has never controlled Taiwan, yet claims it as its own. In recent months, Beijing has launched exceptional military exercises against the government of President Tsai Ing-wen.[7]

Taiwan is an impregnable sea fortress that is difficult to conquer by force.

In addition to U.S. interests in the military balance and Taiwan's security and democracy, Taiwan's security and democracy are a top priority.

The invasion of Taiwan would send shivers down the spines of every nation in the area. Numerous individuals will arrive to protect the status quo.

China would be exposed to American and maybe international penalties, as well as a possible U.S. embargo.[8]


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