Wikiask:How to write an answer?

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Short answer:
  • Write your answer in a neutral style, backed by reliable sources.
  • Start with a short answer, use headings, and add images or videos to improve readability.

Neutrality: be neutral[edit]

Each question on Wikiask has a single answer written by the community. Therefore, you should write in an encyclopedic style and avoid giving your personal opinion. Especially avoid using "I think," "I believe," and "According to me."

Verifiability: use references[edit]

Answers on Wikiask are reference-based and evidence-based. Cite reliable sources. Anyone reading an answer on Wikiask can check that the answer comes from reliable sources.

Readability: be precise, use bullets, images, and videos[edit]

Encyclopedias can be too obtuse. Wikiask is straight to the point and provides a direct answer to the question asked. To make your answer more readable:

  • Summarize the answer with a short answer using the {{Short answer}} template.
  • Divide complex answers into sub-answers using headings.
  • Headings should be complete sentences.
  • Keep paragraphs short.
  • Add images to improve readability.

Good examples[edit]

Here are some high-quality answers:

No censorship, but also no explicit illegal content[edit]

Wikiask strongly believes in free speech and Free Knowledge, and will not practice any political censorship of content, except if forced to do so by the Courts.

However, users must follow our Terms of Use and refrain from posting content that is outright illegal. Prohibit content includes, but is not limited to:

  • Incitation of imminent violence or lawlessness
  • Child pornography
  • Violations of copyright or other intellectual property
  • Intimate information of a non-public person (e.g. phone number or intimate photographs)
  • Unauthorized disclose of confidential government information not intended for public release that is a threat to national security or to the security of individuals

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