Why most women are afraid of cockroaches?

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Short answer:
  • Some researchers suggest that it is an evolutionary trait.
  • Others believe it is simply a false prejudice.

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Cockroaches have the capacity to invade and assault humans from every direction, which is one of the reasons why women find the sight of cockroaches repulsive. Women also find the sound of cockroaches to be incredibly annoying.

It's as easy as that: the prevalence of cockroach phobia is directly correlated to the prevalence of cockroaches. There is always a connection to something in history that reignites feelings of anxiety and hopelessness. The dread of cockroaches is instilled in human beings from a young age, in part because of the manner in which we are instructed to eliminate them.[1]

Causes of fear from cockroaches[edit]


Cockroaches are seen as unclean and carriers of allergies, which concerns women significantly more than men. Cockroaches have a slimy and oily appearance, which triggers feelings of revulsion in people, particularly in women.[2]


Women are overthinkers and fear of cockroaches is natural to them and that's how they are educated to deal with cockroaches. It constantly seems as if the only option is to kill the cockroach. It sets up alarm bells in their head, making them worry that if they don't kill it, it will turn hostile.[3]


Being terrified of something is not the same thing as having a phobia about that thing. The majority of instances are caused by past experiences, such as a cockroach crawling over the child's face and body when they were young.

Different brain chemistry[edit]

Women's brain chemistry is different from men's, and this difference might be specific to each woman just as diverse personality qualities distinguish them more.

Instead of holding genes for certain personality characteristics, women's brains have specific chemicals that make them more prone to acquire a fear of cockroaches.[4]


Cockroaches, their anatomy, and their behavior strike anxiety in the hearts of women. They always seem to appear out of thin air, appearing suddenly when they least expect it and seemingly out of nowhere. Their twitching antennas and limbs with unnatural movement increases fear.[5]

Cognitive outlook[edit]

Fear is elicited when the flying cockroach is seen as being hazardous. It's possible that this may make women feel more anxious, which will, in turn, raise the likelihood that they will later develop a fear of cockroaches, particularly flying cockroaches.[6]

Biological factors[edit]

Genetics and biology of the women make their nature softer and the appearance of cockroaches makes them resistant to them. According to the findings of several studies, women may have inherited genes that cause them to be afraid of cockroaches.[7]

How to overcome fear of cockroaches[edit]

Psychological Counseling[edit]

Professionals are the only ones who can share important insight to assess the deeply ingrained and fundamental causes of anxiety that women were unaware even existed. In most cases, the fastest and most efficient method to get over anxiety is to discuss it with a licenced mental health professional. A therapist helps patients discover the answer that is most suited to their particular situation and supports them through the process of overcoming their anxiety.[8]

Accepting fear[edit]

By simply accepting that there is a problem is essential to any kind of self-help. It is impossible for anybody to find a solution to an issue that you do not believe exists.[9]

Relaxation methods[edit]

Relaxation methods are also something that can be learned by everyone. They may find that doing these things helps them think more clearly and keeps them from exacerbating the anxiety they already feel about cockroaches. It includes meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises.[10]


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