Why is it expensive to live in Ontario?

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Short answer: There are four factors that affect the cost of living in Ontario include the costs of key basics including Housing, Food & Groceries, Transportation, and Childcare.

The cost of living in Ontario is consistently ranked among the highest in the country. Ontario is a very large province, and the cost of living in its many cities may vary considerably. The city of Toronto, which is the most populated in Canada, is known for its expensive cost of living. In spite of its reputation as the nation's capital, Ottawa maintains a surprisingly reasonable cost of living. The cost of living is much lower in smaller cities like as London, Kingston, Windsor, and Hamilton.[1]

Category Average cost to live in Ontario
Average House price $922,735
Apartment rent price $1,347
Home insurance $215
Cell phone plan $80
Groceries $233.61
Car insurance $155
Gym membership $55
Cost of electricity and water $158.85

*Monthly costs exclude house price


The Cost of Living in Ontario[edit]

The most populous province in Canada, Ontario, with more than 14.7 million residents and is consistently ranked among the costliest provinces in terms of overall costs. This may be somewhat explained by the fact that property prices in Ontario are among of the highest in all of Canada, particularly in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), where 48 percent of Ontarians have their primary residence.[2]

In Ontario, the cost of living is $2014, which is 1.17 times higher than the average cost of living in Canada. The province of Ontario was rated as both the second most costly and the fourth greatest place to live in all of Canada. The average monthly rent for a bachelor-style apartment in Ottawa is $1,061, a two-bedroom apartment is $1,547, a three-bedroom apartment is $1,779, and a single-family detached house in Ottawa is $3,004.[3] ONTARIO-00606 - Toronto (14840276941).jpg

Food cost in Ontario[edit]

A healthy diet for a solitary guy between the ages of 19 and 30 costs $65 per week, whereas a healthy diet for a solitary woman in the same age range costs $51 per week. The budget should be set at $120 per week for a couple in the age range of 19 to 30 years old.[4]

Breakfast on The Canadian (5241783849)

Utilities cost in Ontario[edit]

According to data provided by the CRTC at the end of 2019, the average monthly cost of telecommunications services in Ontario, which includes TV, phone, and internet, was $169. When taken together, these factors would bring the monthly cost of accommodation for one individual in a bachelor-style flat to around $1,490.[5]

Transport cost in Ontario[edit]

Commute times in Toronto are notoriously long and prohibitively costly due to the city's location. The quality of public transportation is fairly excellent in comparison to that of other cities in Ontario due to the existence of an efficient public transit system that is comprised of subways, city buses, streetcars, and buses from the suburbs. A general pass may cost as little as $143 per month, which is a significant saving compared to the expense of owning a vehicle. However, people who live on outside of the Greater Toronto Area may find that having a vehicle is the most convenient method to get into the city. The average monthly insurance cost in Ontario is around 125 dollars, making it one of the most expensive places in Canada in which to purchase a car. If you drove the typical amount that Canadians do in a month (1,384 kilometers), this would cost you around $280 per month, taking into account the price of petrol at approximately $2.00 per liter.[6]

Ontario has one of the highest childcare costs in Canada[edit]

The typical monthly cost of childcare in Toronto is $1,866, while the cost of toddler care is $1,578 and the cost of preschool is $1,250. These costs are among the highest in Canada.[7]

Kids at daycare


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