Why is Starlink revolutionary?

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Short answer:
  • Starlink has revolutionized internet access using an extensive network of Low Earth Orbit satellites to provide low latency internet access globally.
  • It offers a constellation-like network made of a high number of miniature satellites to ensure much more tight-knit and consistent coverage.
  • Starlink satellites are designed exclusively to reduce visibility and reflection ultimately.
  • It uses only two components - A wifi router and a satellite dish, making it very portable.

Starlink aims to bring high-quality internet bandwidth to places where a fiber connection isn't possible because of logistics and infrastructural restraints. This includes commercial and military clients on land, sea, and air in remote and rural parts of the world.

This graphic shows 1,584 Starlink satellites will be placed into 72 orbital planes of 22 satellites each, inclination 53°
This graphic shows 1,584 Starlink satellites will be placed into 72 orbital planes of 22 satellites each, inclination 53°. Lamid58, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

While other companies are attempting the same, some fundamental features qualify Starlink as a revolutionary service in the industry. Here are some of the reasons why Starlink might be considered revolutionary.

The satellites used by Starlink are categorized as Low Earth Orbit provide fast connectivity[edit]

Compared to competitors like DirecTV, which use satellites in geostationary orbit, which are more than 22,000 miles above the earth.

Starlink's use of satellites in low-earth orbit, which are approximately 300 miles above the planet, reduces signal delay or latency by a significant amount.[1]

The number of satellites servicing Starlink is exponentially higher so it can provide consistent service all across the globe[edit]

As of 2022, Starlink has more than 3000 satellites in space, and the company continues to launch more.

This extensive satellite network takes Starlink several notches above its competitors that use only a handful of satellites in geostationary orbit, meaning that their connection is much more unstable than that of Starlink.[2]

Starlink offers a significantly better connectivity service compared to its competitors[edit]

According to recent research that Ookla carried out, the median download speed for Starlink in the United States was 97.23 Mbps, far faster than the American benchmark for broadband internet.

The gap between Starlink and the other providers was even wider regarding latency, which has traditionally been an area where satellite service providers have failed to stay up. According to Starlink's findings, the median delay was 45 milliseconds.

Notably, a response time of 20 ms to 40 ms is the industry's best, whereas a response time of 100 ms or less is considered appropriate for gaming.[3]

Starlink has adopted specific measures to ensure low visibility and reflection to address concerns of the astronomy community[edit]

After concerns were raised by astronomers and other relevant experts regarding how the high number of satellites may hinder other scientific observations - Dark Sat, a satellite with all its reflective surfaces covered in a highly black and dark substance, was produced.

It also added visors to cover these shining sections from the ground. SpaceX continues working with the astronomy community and other stakeholders to develop viable solutions.[4]

Starlink has not only revolutionized the business with its dependability but also with its flexibility[edit]

Since Starlink packages include a portable satellite dish, a dish mount, and wifi router, Starlink makes it easy to access the internet practically everywhere.

The company has recently been praised for providing Internet access even on Ukrainian battlefields.

The Starlink service requires only a clear, unobstructed view of the sky and the satellite to be mounted as high as possible.

Hence, Starlink will significantly benefit those traveling to rural areas, those traveling on RVs and boats, and those seeking a nomadic lifestyle without investing in expensive satellite phones.[5]


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