Why does Whatsapp keep crashing?

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Short answer:
  • Parent company Meta has not provided any explanations for October 25, 2022 downtime
  • Previous downtimes were caused by DNS and integrations with other Meta apps
Screenshot of Meta's metastatus.com Whatsapp status page.[1]

Meta has not provided any explanation, simply stating: "We are aware of major disruptions impacting the ability to send messages via the WhatsApp Business Platform. Our teams are working to mitigate the issue."

Why Whatsapp has been down in the last few years[edit]

Problem with DNS in October 2021[edit]

In October 2021, Outages were triggered by a technical issue that was associated with WhatsApp's parent company Meta's DNS records. The Border Gateway Protocol, often known as BGP, is where the problems at Meta started. BGP may be thought of as the internet's equivalent of a phone book thanks to DNS. BGP is responsible for determining the most efficient routes for data to go across the internet whenever a user inputs data into the network.

According to public records, a significant number of alterations were made to Meta's BGP routes just a few minutes before the platforms of Meta ceased to load content.[2]

Integration issues with other Facebook apps[edit]

Another major Whatsapp outage was in March 2021, when outage lasted in 45 minutes and application was completely down. An official Facebook representative stated, "Due to a technical problem, users may have had difficulties accessing some Facebook features. This problem has been fixed for everyone, and we are sorry for any trouble this may have caused".[3]

It is important to note that certain technological faults, as indicated by Facebook, were the root of the problems. The firm did not provide any more information on the source of the problem; nevertheless, given that all of the Facebook app services were disrupted, it is reasonable to presume that the issue was caused by shared infrastructure. Notably, the company has been focusing on integrating its many platforms, including Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, in order to make it possible for these applications to exchange features and connect with one another more effectively.[4]

Issues with Facebook servers[edit]

In July 2019, it was reported that Whatsapp was down in India for 6 hours and 30 minutes. Rumors were spread that Whatsapp has been banned in India due to government policy changes, however, it was clarified later that it was due to server issues. [5]

In February 2014, another major instance of Whatsapp outage was for 210 minutes due to server issues and it was confirmed in a news report on Techcrunch.[6]

Whatsapp software bugs are not often accepted by its parent company Meta[edit]

In November 2017, Whatsapp team has publicly accepted that there was an hour-long outage of the application due to a bug in the software code and not due to server issues.[7] Before that again in May 2017, there was one other major outage, and the reason of downtime wasn't shared officially by Whatsapp. [8]


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