Who is Tristan Yver?

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Short answer: Tristan Yver is a Chilean-American cryptocurrency expert, finance and marketing professional, business strategist, podcast host, and influencer.[1] He is the head of strategy at FTX.US, a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. He is known for his vast knowledge and experience with bitcoin and cryptocurrency.[2] Yver is also an advisor to Aurory Project and a podcast host for “The FTX Podcast: Builders and Innovators in the Cryptocurrency Industry”.[3][4]

Early life and education[edit]

Yver was born in Hawaii, Maui island, to a Chilean mother and A half-Chilean and half-American father. His family traveled all through his childhood to different places like Italy, brazil and finally settled in Chile for 8 years, where he completed his elementary and high school. Yver completed his high school diploma from the Colegio Champagnat private school in 2013. He cleared the TSU test and got admission to a Chilean university, but he decided to move to Hawaii.

In 2015, Yver enrolled in Shidler College of business accredited by the University of Hawaii, Honolulu to pursue a bachelor's in finance and international business.[5]


Yver started his career as a Finance intern at The Systemcentre Inc. and later got promoted to the position of solution specialist. He was responsible for overseeing EOS implementation, project management, and strategy creation.[6]

In December 2019, he joined Marketplace Software as the director of sales and business development.[7]

In March 2020, Yver joined FTX.US as the head of special projects and later in the year 2021, got promoted to the head of strategy.[8] When Yver joined, FTX was in its initial stage operating with 15 employees, where employees would work across various departments, engaging in tasks they can perform irrespective of their job role. From generating $250 million to generating $15 trillion now, FTX has grown exponentially within 2 years.[9]

Yver is also associated as an advisor to Aurory Project: the Solana and Serum-powered blockchain gaming platform, on the innovation of the Decentralized field (Defi) system.[10][11]

Yver is also the host for the podcast run by the FTX known as “The FTX Podcast: Builders and Innovators in the Cryptocurrency Industry”.[12] As the podcast host, Yver dives deep into the stories of emerging and established companies in the blockchain and NFT space.[13] The podcast is successfully running since May 2021 and has reached 122 episodes.[14]

Personal life[edit]

His childhood experience of moving to different places made him highly adaptable to adverse situations in life, which helped him in evolving into a responsible and disciplined person. After moving to Hawaii, for a few years he lived an immigrant life and worked across varied job roles, ranging from an electrician, gardener, waiter, construction worker, and commercial fisherman in Alaska. After working in Alaska, Yver had accumulated enough funds to pursue his graduation.[15]

During his graduation, Yver was diagnosed with Leptospirosis, a bacterial infection, which caused him multiple organ failures and 10-12 days in a coma.[16] After surviving the infection, during his 6-8 months of recovery journey, Yver spent hours on the computer. During this time, he learned about crypto, and bitcoin and started investing in forex. He created a Discord and Twitter account and engaged in chats relating to crypto.[17] After gaining enough knowledge about the field, Yver approached Sam Bankman- fried, founder of FTX, and managed to schedule an interview with him, landing him a job at FTX.[18]

In the media[edit]

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