Who is Su Zhu?

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Short answer: Su Zhu is a Singaporean businessman,[1] entrepreneur, investor,[2] and podcast host.[3] He is the co-founder of Three Arrows Capital, which is a Singapore-based crypto hedge fund. Zhu is a highly experienced investor and his views on the crypto markets and their volatility are often sought after by the media.[4] He is a frequent contributor to media outlets such as Bloomberg,[5] CNBC, and other financial news outlets.[6]

Early life & education[edit]

Zhu was born in China and later moved to the United States to pursue higher studies. Zhu graduated from the Phillips Academy in 2005. He later obtained a bachelor’s degree of arts in mathematics from Columbia University in New York City. Zhu earned his master’s in business administration from the University of Chicago.


In 2009, Zhu started his career in Flow Traders as a junior trader. In 2011, he moved to Deutsche Bank, working as a trader only.[7][8]

In 2012, Zhu co-founded Three Arrows Capital[9][10] along with his high school friend Kyle davies.[11][12] Three Arrows Capital is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency hedge fund.[13] Zhu gained notoriety after investing huge funds into the crypto markets before the Defi boom in late 2020 and early 2021, turning an 8-figure hedge fund into a 10+ figure fund.[14] However, after a decade of its operations, the company went into liquidation in June 2022 by a court in the British Virgin Islands.[15]

Zhu is also the founding partner of INBlockchain, one of the largest venture capital firms in China. He is also a regular contributor and author at Deribit Insights and shares his views and research on crypto, blockchain, and bitcoin.[16]

Zhu is the co-host of the podcast “Uncommon Core”, along with Hasu, who is a crypto researcher and writer.[17] The podcast hosts conversations with crypto traders and industry leaders, showcasing the big ideas and basic principles.[18] Zhu has amassed a huge following of over 566.3K on Twitter with cryptocurrency-related topics.[19][20]

In the media[edit]

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