What is the oldest coin in the world?

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Short answer: The oldest coins in the world come from Ephesus, known as the Lydia Lion or the 1/6 stater, from approximately 610-560 BC.

The oldest known coins from the city of Ephesus, located in what today is known as Turkey. They are known as the Lydia Lion, or the 1/6 stater, and date from between 610-560 BC. They were worth more than a day's wages, and were minted by the Lydians.[1][2] Before coins, wealth was measured solely in land, cattle, and other goods.[3]

Lydian stater

Recently, the oldest known coin mint was uncovered in China, which began minting coins between 640-550 BC, but the oldest coins found are not as old as the Lydian pieces.


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