What is the best way to achieve happiness?

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Some suggestions on how to start becoming a happy person are:

  • Choose happiness to achieve happiness
  • Focus on the good to achieve happiness
  • Stop comparing to achieve happiness
  • Practice gratitude and generosity to achieve happiness
  • Develop healthy habits to achieve happiness
  • Happiness Comes from Good Relationships
  • Take time and appreciate yourself to achieve happiness
  • Smell a favorite smell to achieve happiness
  • Using neurotransmitters to achieve happiness

Happiness is not packaged and labeled with an expiration date, nor is it sold in any market at a certain price. To be happy, just like everything else in the world, we have to work a little bit more than necessary. The mind may create a feeling of happiness. To be more specific, it is a condition that may be described as "well-being and satisfaction."

World Happiness Map

However, the meaning may be difficult to pin down, and making assumptions about the term might lead to misunderstandings. Many individuals are completely unaware that cultivating happiness is a skill that can be purposefully developed over time. Nevertheless, there are countless ways to discover satisfaction along the route; after all, life is all about the trip, and not simply about arriving at a certain goal. The following are some suggestions on how to start becoming a happy person right now.

Choose happiness to achieve happiness[edit]

The realization that pleasure is not a direct result of one's present circumstances is among the most essential aspects of the concept. On the contrary, happiness is a decision that anyone makes for himself. When we come to the true understanding that happiness is a decision we make for ourselves, we immediately get the ability to take control of any circumstance, whether it's a relationship, work, or habit of thinking that has been producing judgments, concern, doubt, fear, or uncertainty.

Choose Happiness, Source: maxpixel.net

What if, rather than being something that merely occurs to us, happiness is more closely tied to the things that we accomplish in our lives? When we consider pleasure to be nothing more than a feeling, the circumstances around it seem to be mostly beyond our ability to influence. One more time, this completely removes us from the position of the driver. However, if we change our perspective and begin to conceive of happiness as a talent, in fact, the most essential skill in life, we are able to make more steps toward acquiring it in our own lives.[1]

Because of the propensity of our thoughts to wander back to anxiety and concern, we need to make this into a habit that we carry with us throughout our lives. Every day when we first open our eyes, we should make it a habit to practice establishing an intention for the day, as this is one of the easiest and yet most effective methods for us to cultivate more loving views throughout the day. This purpose may be fairly straightforward; just tell yourself, "I choose happiness," and move on from there. Oh, and you should also feel it. That is a really significant point. Even though we can't choose to make ourselves feel happy at will, we can choose to participate in behaviors or activities that generate possibilities for pleasure, and emotions may follow actions. Although we can't choose to make ourselves feel happy, we can choose to create opportunities for joy.

Focus on the good to achieve happiness[edit]

Focus on Good, Source: lifetimeparadigm.com

There are positive aspects to your life right now, including the fact that you are alive, that you are fed, that you are well, that you have friends and family and that each day you have possibilities to pursue work that is significant to you. It's possible that not all of them are accurate for you currently, but it's very guaranteed that at least some of them are, which indicates that there are positive aspects of your life that you should concentrate on.

An explosion occurred when Marine Sgt. Jonny Joseph Jones was deployed in Afghanistan caused him to lose both of his legs. He made this statement: "People ask me how I keep so cheerful despite losing both of my legs... I just want to know how they can continue to be so unhappy when they already have both of theirs. Perspective is everything when it comes to happiness, and if you actively seek reasons to be happy, you'll most likely find them. People who are happy train their minds to think positively.[2]

Stop comparing to achieve happiness[edit]

Comparison will deprive you of happiness regardless of how you decide to define it, whether in the short term or the long term. In the business of comparison, there are no victors, regardless of whether we are comparing your assets, your physical characteristics, your holidays, your skills, the size of your home, or the size of your shoes. The good news, though, is that nobody will force you to participate in the game. You are free to terminate the session at any moment. Stop trying to compare yourself to others and instead focus on being thankful for everything you have, appreciative of who you are, and diligent in your efforts each day to live the greatest life possible. You know that sensation when someone begins smiling and it is simply infectious and you can't help but feel a grin grow over your face too? Well, that's it. These fleeting moments of joy are really priceless, and they come about when we embrace and love people for what they are, including ourselves, as well as the people around us.[3]

Practice gratitude and generosity to achieve happiness[edit]

When it comes to the discipline of positive psychology, has a number of recurring ideas that surface whenever research on happiness is conducted. We discover expressions of thankfulness and kindness among these reoccurring motifs.

Both of these concepts can only be comprehended in entirety when seen as practices rather than as reactions. A habit is something we stick with no matter what, and that's the definition of a discipline. If you put off being charitable until you have sufficient money in the bank, you will never get there. In a similar vein, if you wait for everything in your life to be ideal before you can feel thankful, you will never have that feeling. Make a conscious decision to be grateful today. And make the conscious decision to give freely of both your time and your resources. If you make them both a habit in your life, you will find that you are happy in the here and now as well as in the future. Numerous studies that were conducted indicate to the act of practicing thankfulness is a significant contributor to one's level of pleasure.[4]

Two easy strategies to cultivate an attitude of gratitude are to set aside some time at the end of the day to think about anything that happened during the day for which you were thankful and to communicate your appreciation to a person who is important to you via sending a meaningful message. And you don't even have to reach out to the folks you already know to participate. Stop whatever you are doing, whether you are heading to the supermarket or out for a stroll, and have a conversation with someone. Spend some time reaching out to others. Because at our very core, feeling connected is something we all urgently need and desire in our lives. This is true regardless of whether we are having a good day or a poor day. You will experience a stronger connection to your neighborhood, your community, and ultimately to yourself if you make an effort to reach out to others.

Develop healthy habits to achieve happiness[edit]

Good Habits

This current hour may be filled with whatever you want it to be filled with; our lives are made up of days, our days are made up of hours, and this current hour can be filled with anything you want. Therefore, make an effort to form positive habits that will enrich your moments, days, and life overall. Spend some time in the fresh air. Eat a balanced diet. Exercise frequently. Quit smoking. Put down the mobile device you're using. Obsess less. Put up a lot of effort. Pray often. And get sufficient sleep. Why do we believe that we are able to disregard our bodies? Why do we continue to behave as if our thoughts and bodies are not connected? However, for the time being, you should be aware of the following: when it comes to your level of happiness, the way your body looks does important.[5]

Happiness Comes from Good Relationships[edit]

Good Relationships Create Happiness, Source: creazilla.com

The evidence supports this conclusion. The Harvard Study on Adult Development has been going on for more than 80 years now, and the results of that study have shown that wealth, social standing, and degree of education have little to do with one's level of happiness. The key to happiness is having healthy connections with other people. That sums it up well. Not only can satisfying relationships make life more enjoyable, but they may also add years to your life and make you feel physically and mentally better. Our capacity for connection and intimacy is programmed into our DNA. The concept of relationship is deeply ingrained in our biological makeup. If you provide a newborn with all of the necessary food and water, but you do not provide the child with love and physical attention, then four out of ten infants will pass away. There will be serious mental difficulties for almost half of the survivors.

Where is the most deplorable section of the prison? Isolation in a single cell. It prevents the prisoner from having any kind of connection. Solitary confinement has the potential to cause mental health issues due to the absence of human interaction. Think about the people you care about the most. How much of a lift do you get from being in their company whenever you have the chance? How devastated are you at the end of a relationship?

Nobody ever expresses that they are sorry they didn't put in more hours at the office when they are nearing the end of their life. Everyone looks back on their lives and wishes they had spent more time with their loved ones. Positive connections in one's life are the key to achieving happiness. We are biologically predisposed to form and maintain relationships. It is of the utmost importance. It is ingrained in our genetic code.[6]

Take time and appreciate yourself to achieve happiness[edit]

Taking the time to appreciate who you are is another important step in maintaining your happiness. Appreciate not just your job but also your life and the things you've accomplished. You may discover satisfaction by just thinking back on things that have happened in the past, some of which were accomplishments and others of which were merely pleasurable experiences.

If you're a freelancer or an entrepreneur, you should make it a habit to regularly reflect on the path you've traveled. It is simple to allow oneself to get preoccupied with one's ambitions for the future to the point that one forgets how well one has performed in the past. You will not only be able to relive the feelings that certain landmarks caused you to feel, but you will also be able to identify methods to develop yourself as well as your company if you concentrate on your prior experiences.[7]

Smell a favorite scent to achieve happiness[edit]

The ability to smell is very potent, and it may be responsible for a variety of feelings and responses. Why not let pleasure fill your nostrils instead? Inhale the scent of your favorite perfume, take a whiff of your favorite flower, or relish the flavors of your favorite dish while you do so. Not only do we like the aroma, but it also contains attributes that might be described as peaceful and relaxing.[8]

Using neurotransmitters to achieve happiness[edit]

Engaging in healthful habits that directly stimulate neurotransmitters linked with pleasure is yet another powerful method that may be used to effectively increase hedonic bliss. There is a handful that stands out as particularly important.

Dopamine, sometimes known as the "feel-good" hormone, is an essential component of the reward system in the brain and is linked to feelings of satisfaction and happiness. Dopamine production may be stimulated in a variety of ways, such as by engaging in physical activity, consuming nutritious food, getting enough amount of sleep, paying attention to music, practicing meditation, and ensuring that you receive some exposure to sunshine on a daily basis.

After that comes serotonin. This hormone plays an important part in keeping our mood stable, and it may be stimulated in a variety of ways that dopamine can be. Some of these methods include maintaining a regular sleep schedule, engaging in physical activity, and making sure that your food is well-balanced.

Oxytocin is the hormone that is connected with affection, bonding, and intimate connections. It is also known as the "cuddle hormone." Because the production of this hormone is largely stimulated by physical contact and by proximity to other people, activities such as hugging, caressing, and even just hanging out with other people may dramatically raise the levels of happiness.

Endorphins are the last neurotransmitters to take into consideration; in addition to alleviating physical discomfort, they are your body's natural reward system. To raise your levels of this hormone, try participating in activities that are considered to be "healthy", such as going to the gym or doing acts of genuine kindness. Consuming dark chocolate has also been demonstrated to activate endorphin production in the brain.[9]


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