What does Joe Biden believe is the most pressing issue facing the United States today?

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Short answer:
  • Rising inflation despite significant employment growth
  • Lack of affordable healthcare
  • Ensuring the covid pandemic is under control

President Joe Biden assumed control of the federal government in November 2020. His administration's policies reflect his thoughts on the problems that are of paramount importance.

These include the spiraling U.S. economy, racial injustice, and expensive healthcare.

Joe Biden official portrait 2013
Joe Biden official portrait 2013. The White House from Washington, DC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Two years after his election to the White House, Biden's presidency has been plagued by difficulties that:

  • He has inherited
  • Issues due to Republican resistance to his policies in Congress
  • Shortcomings of his and his administration's decisions
  • Effects of global supply chain issues and the Russia-Ukraine war, which are beyond the control of the U.S. government

President Biden has focused on the development of recovery strategies for economic hardship after the aftermath of the pandemic[edit]

In addition to the Federal Reserve's macroeconomic measures, the Biden administration's economic recovery plan includes a significant policy package.

The federal government's stimulus program has been dominated by the Build Back Better initiative unveiled after the Biden administration took office in January 2021.

A $1.9 Trillion stimulus program designed to combat the economic decline amid the pandemic and public health disaster was essentially a Covid19 relief package aiming to resolve urgent issues. By doing so, the proposal intended to avert widespread evictions caused by growing housing expenses, starvation, and immunization and healthcare expenditures.

The other two components focused on employment and social sector programs by spending extensively on the infrastructure, including repairing previously neglected regions, green infrastructure, and the social sector.

These policies' immediate effects on economic recovery are not reflected in key economic indicators. However, the Biden administration hopes the plan will significantly affect the lack of modern and new infrastructure, the return of large industries, the stimulation of medium and small businesses, and the provision of social security.[1]

This stimulus package has resulted in inflation and, subsequently, a recession in the USA.

Inflation is another area of concern for President Joe Biden, and measures to control it have resulted in a recession[edit]

Biden has attributed the inflation to supply chain management disruptions caused by the pandemic and rising oil prices resulting from the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

However, many economists believe Biden's nearly two trillion dollar aid package for the Coronavirus may have contributed significantly to the inflation.

The printing of U.S. dollars by the Fed to purchase government debt to fund the stimulus has spiraled inflation to one of the worst levels in the country. [2]

Biden administration has supported the steepest interest rate hikes ever recorded by the Fed to control inflation. It has, however, pushed the country into a deep recession, and the impact is expected to spiral globally, affecting all major economies.[3]

Biden thinks affordable healthcare for the general public remains a critical issue[edit]

Beginning in early 2023, the improvements to Obamacare suggested by the Biden Administration aim to provide access to healthcare to as many as 2,000,00 individuals who do not qualify for health insurance coverage on their own.

In addition to excluding spouses and children from coverage, the present system prohibits employees from utilizing subsidies to reduce their premiums.

Still, the Build Back Better bill is the only way for Biden to reach this goal, which has met with strong opposition from both Republicans and some of his Democratic senators.

In addition, with the impending conclusion of a federally-proclaimed public health emergency, states must return to their pre-covid Medicaid eligibility standards to avoid federal fines. This was another argument against Biden that he urgently needed before the midterm elections.[4]


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