What are the major pros and cons of London?

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Short answer:

Major pros of London :

  • It is one of the best places to start a business.
  • It has the finest universities and educational institutions.
  • It provides free health care.
  • Job opportunities are abundant in London.

Major cons of London:

  • The air quality is bad in London.
  • It has one of the highest costs of living.
  • London weather may feel depressing from time to time.
  • There are long appointment queues at NHS hospitals.

London is the city that serves as the capital of the United Kingdom. Its history spans close to two millennia, making it one of the world's most cosmopolitan cities while being one of the world's oldest big cities.

Montage of London attractions. TE-Collage_London.png:  Diliff (talk · contribs)derivative work: Sceptre, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It is not only Britain's economic, transportation, and cultural center, but it is also by far the biggest city in the nation.

There are several pros and cons of London as a city and what it has to offer.

Major pros of London:[edit]

The optimal place to launch a company[edit]

The success of the City of London is primarily due to its location. In contrast to New York, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, the business day in the city overlaps with that of all the world's financial centers.

The city can trade with the Eastern Hemisphere in the morning and the Western Hemisphere in the afternoon. This lets its dealers trade in all major markets in one day.[1]

Some of the finest educational institutions in the nation are found in London[edit]

There are 40 higher education institutions in London, with Imperial, the London School of Economics, and University College London all ranking firmly on worldwide leader boards (excluding foreign universities with London branches). More remarkable than any other city in the UK, London is home to 427 schools deemed "Outstanding" by Ofsted.[2]

London provides free healthcare to all[edit]

Access to the free healthcare system in the United Kingdom is one of the many benefits of London living.

Whether it's the severity of one's medical condition or the urgent need for treatment, London boasts the most excellent emergency ambulance network worldwide to ensure that everyone is taken care of without breaking the bank.[3]

Job opportunities are enormous in London[edit]

Because more than 50 percent of the corporations listed on the London Stock Exchange (FTSE) and more than 100 of the top companies in Europe have their headquarters in central London.

London offers a large pool for talent. In addition, it is one of the nation's cities with the highest rate of entrepreneurship, with over 200,000 new enterprises being established in London in 2021. So there are plenty of opportunities for job seekers.[4]

Major cons of London:[edit]

London air quality gets to unacceptable levels occasionally[edit]

The air quality in London is terrible, and it has been getting worse over the past few years. Due to the number of taxis and cars, the air quality has been reported as dangerous on multiple occasions.

One might think twice about moving here if you have asthma or other breathing problems. The pollution gets worse in the inner sections of London.

The government is taking steps to deal with London's air pollution, but, as with any policy change, it will take a long time to see any real difference.[5]

Costs of Living in London are one of the highest in the world[edit]

It seems reasonable that London's high housing expenses would need a compensation premium above the national average.

The most significant chunk of the paycheck goes toward rent. Living in central London, Westminster, or Kensington requires much more than hopes and ambitions due to the prohibitive cost of rent in these areas.

The price of public transportation is prohibitive, at over 150 GBP for a rail-card; instead of using the train, one may ride their bike. Taken together, it makes it more challenging to put money aside for the future in London than in other locations that provide a lower cost of living.


London's weather may feel depressing to immigrants and tourists at times[edit]

The harsh climate of London has a way of bringing people down after a time. Some individuals can handle cloudy weather and grey sky for short durations, but when it persists longer, as it may do in London, they may experience depression.

Since the highest average temperature during the summer months barely reaches 20 degrees and the lowest temperature during the winter months falls below 5 degrees, the wardrobe will consist of warmer layers like jumpers or coats and may feel monotonous.

Tourists prefer the milder summers to visit when the weather remains relatively pleasant. However, immigrants will have to endure the depressing weather as well. It remains their top complaint so far.[6]

Long Waits for Appointments at the hospitals[edit]

The National Health Service (NHS) has been having trouble keeping up with the demand, which has only increased since the implications of 2020/21. Wait times that are too long and is a problem.[7]


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