What are Lionel Messi's strengths?

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Short answer:
  • Messi's goal-scoring actions are unconventional.
  • Messi leverages his superior laterality footwork.
  • Messi predominantly dribbles quicker using the outer of his foot to get an edge in offensive zones and one-on-one situations.
  • Messi creates no-pressure goal-scoring opportunities to predict his movements better and his opponents' moves, leading to improved offensive success.
  • Messi has exceptional flexibility in using a wide range of motor abilities and technical moves in goal-scoring situations.
Lionel Messi

Messi's physical attributes, low center of mass, speed, and strength make him one of the most potent football players. Messi's most incredible skill is his ability to avoid drama, controversy, and unnecessary attention, which helps him to improve and focus on his game.[1]

Locomotion abilities and foot contact zone of Messi, make him more powerful[edit]

Absolute numerical inferiority triggers Messi's usage of the outside of his foot and three steps between touches of the ball. Both of these triggers are engaged when Messi has the advantage. Both polar coordinate analysis and T-pattern identification were able to identify the observed pattern of locomotion, which consisted of the subject walking three steps between each contact of the ball. The exterior of the foot is the part of the foot that is used the most often in dribbling because, with this potential, the players create more speed conditions to gain an advantage in space relative to their competitors. Messi uses the exterior part of the foot that enables him in no-pressure conditions of play.[2]

T-pattern analysis and polar coordinate analysis, two complementary methodologies, were used to study Lionel Messi's utilization of motor abilities before scoring a goal. Using T-pattern analysis, the methodological goal was to identify temporal behavior structures beneath Messi's styles. In addition, using polar coordinate analysis, the goal was to obtain an idea of the behavior. This was made possible by the powerful data reduction feature of polar coordinate research, making it easier to interpret the data by providing a vectorial representation of the correlations between behaviors.

Messi has exceptional football close control and dribbling skills in narrow spaces[edit]

Messi excels in close control, which means dribbling in confined situations while keeping the ball near himself. While playing for Barcelona added to his strengths since opponents prefer to employ close defensive formations in response to the team's power. In addition to his low center of gravity and amazing acceleration, these attributes enhance his tight control. This indicates that Messi can swiftly change direction, one of the essential skills for dribbling.[3]

Messi's balance and ability to distract other player's ball control[edit]

In essence, football players with a shorter running range and a lower center of gravity are better able to slow down, foresee changes in motion, and accelerate swiftly. Messi has a unique ability to "ride" tackles that have never been seen in other athletes. When a defender tackles a player, he often aims to not only gain possession of the ball but also drastically disturb the player's ball control.[4]

Messi is a left-footed player and he uses his left foot to his maximum advantage[edit]

Messi's left foot demonstrates more reciprocal activation between the player's activities. He turns his body to the left, which causes him to utilize his left foot and maintain a left-body orientation concerning the opposing team's goal line. It seems that the usage of the left foot activates mutually dynamic behaviors, such as taking three steps between touches and maintaining numerical equality with no pressure.

Messi seems to generate positioning advantages concerning the opposing goal by using their attention ability to predict better the results of his actions and the actions of their opponents.

Lionel Messi's left kick

The primary activators of Messi's goal-facing orientation are maintaining his position with his back to the goal line, using his right leg and foot, and utilizing his right leg and foot, respectively.[5]

Given that Messi is a left-footed player, the fact that he uses his right foot and leg while facing the opposing team's goal line does not appear to be a contradiction; instead, it is an indication of his versatility in the use of the contralateral inferior limbs.[2]

Messi's intelligence as a creator and scorer of goals[edit]

As a player who can both create and score goals, Messi is one of a kind due to his eclectic collection of intellect and perceptiveness that he has. His choice of whether to pass the ball or take a shot is crystal apparent whenever a defender or goalkeeper is closing in on him. The staggering number of assists Messi has racked up for his team indicates his extraordinary vision and combination play.

Messi is unique in that he can not only score goals but also locate his teammates and find them with unbelievable passes to create possibilities for them to score goals.[6]

Messi has one of the most potent nutmegs skill[edit]

When Messi does a nutmeg, he does it with such a Neo-like mastery over the surroundings that it seems like he is warping the area between the legs. The most effective method for getting around a player is often to walk right through them and take their influence out of the equation. With such nonchalance, Messi breezes right by decent players and even world-class players throughout his career.[7]

Lionel Messi's nutmeg in Portugal vs. Argentina 2011 match


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