Twitter after Elon Musk statistics: what are the top ones?

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Short answer:
  • 3700 people fired
  • Blue going from $5 to $8 per month
  • 150K subscribers, $14M ARR, not significant for company
  • Record-high mDAU: 256M globally; 45M in the U.S.
Infographic of Twitter after Elon Musk statistics. Done with Canva.

People: 3,700 fired; 3 advisors hired[edit]

  • 3,700 people fired, around 50% of the company.[1]
  • 9 Board members fired, including former chairman Bret Taylor.[2]
  • 90% of India staff was fired, out of around 200 people.[3]
  • At least 3 new advisors hired: venture investor and podcaster Jason Calacanis, venture investor and former Paypal execute David Sacks, and lawyer Alex Spiro.[4]

Twitter Blue: 150K payers at $8/month, $14M ARR[edit]

  • 150,000 active subscribers after the launch of the new Twitter Blue subscription service, in November 2022.[5]
  • $14M in ARR (150,000 x 8 x 12), not a lot for a company with $5B in annual revenue.
  • 79% of U.S. ad revenue from 10% top users.[5]
  • $40/mo earned from top 1% of U.S. users.[5]
  • Most are regular users who have been on Twitter for over 6 years and have 100s of followers.[5]
  • 100,000 active subscribers on Twitter Blue, at the time of acquisition. Blue is Twitter's premium subscription service.[6]
  • Price went from $5 to $8 per month.[7]
    • Elon had promised that ads for Twitter Blue users would be cut in half. According to Platformer, for U.S. users, that would mean $6 per month less in revenue, which would make Twitter Blue unprofitable (when factoring in Apple's or Google's 30% cut).

Usage at all-time highs[edit]

  • 256+ million mDAU (monetizable daily active users) worldwide (rolling 7-day average).
Twitter Global mDAU rolling 7 day average.[8]
  • 45+ million mDAU (monetizable daily active users) in the U.S. (rolling 7-day average).
Twitter U.S. mDAU rolling 7 day average.[8]

Advertising revenue down massively[edit]

  • A "massive drop in revenue," according to Elon Musk himself, "due to activist groups pressuring advertisers."[9]
  • 0.25% - 0.45% hate speech levels, in line with historical norms.[10]


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