Is it right for Elon Musk to charge $8 per month from verified Twitter users?

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Short answer:
  • For businesses, $8 per month is likely the cheapest SaaS software they will pay.
  • For individuals, the price may be high or low depending on personal circumstances. But the free option will still be available, so most users should be satisfied.

Affordable for businesses[edit]

Most business software cost around $8 per month per user, rather than in total.[1]

Some business software cost a thousand times that value. Datadog, for example, has over 2,600 customers paying them over $100,000 a year.[2]

In contrast, $8 per month, for software as important as Twitter, can be seen as cheap.

Uncertain for individuals[edit]

For individuals, $8 per month will be seen as expensive or cheap depending on their personal financial circumstances and how much they value Twitter Blue's premium features, which are still to be defined.


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