Does nipple stimulation enhance sexual arousal in men?

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Short answer: According to a study done by Roy Levin and Cindy Meston, nipple stimulation in men can also cause sexual arousal in some if not most men. But each man is unique, and a sensation that one person enjoys may cause discomfort, itching, or irritability in another.

A total of 371 participants were asked to fill out a short questionnaire that inquired about their sexual arousal reaction to breast/nipple stimulation. The questionnaire was sent to the individuals through email. Nipple stimulation was shown to be stimulant for men's sexual arousal, similar to how it was found to be for women; however, the proportion was lower in males than it was in women. The majority of adolescent women (81.5%) and  men (51.7%) report that nipple and breast trickery during make-out sessions either causes or enhances sexual arousal, and that such manipulation further increased their arousal when it was experienced during times when they were already sexually aroused. Only a very tiny percentage of participants of both sexes, around 7%, reported that this modification had the effect of making them less aroused.[1]

Conclusion of Nipple/Breast Stimulation in men study[edit]

Areola touch is protopathic (primitive) contrasted to skin's epicritic (discriminatory) touch. 

It has been observed that following puberty, the sensitivity of all parts of the female breast becomes much higher than that of the male breast in response to tactile stimuli. This difference may be seen in both sexes. While there have been a number of studies on brain imaging during sexual arousal in men and women caused by visual sex stimulation, indicating what areas become activated or inhibited, to the best of our knowledge, there have been no studies that are comparable to this that only stimulate the breast or nipple as the mode of arousal. Because of this, we have no idea how a stimulus of this kind might stimulate sexual desire in the brain.

It has been suggested that the hormone prolactin, which is produced particularly during an orgasmic experience, might reduce sexual desire in both men and women. However, Levin has pointed out that women are known to be capable of having many orgasms in a row.

Why do men have nipples if they are no use?[edit]

In the very unlikely event that and only a few guys who can utilize their nipples to feed, you will find that males profit from this apparently superfluous body feature for a far more widespread purpose.

However, being overweight or obese may have unintended consequences for certain guys, including the development of larger breasts. And as obesity rates grow in western societies, we are also seeing an increase in the prevalence of "man breasts" or "man boobs," which are characterised by the predominance of fatty deposits.

A hormone imbalance in which there is a relative excess of oestrogens, a female hormone compared to androgens may also play a role in the development of breast growth in males, a condition known as gynecomastia, a male hormone. This condition, which mostly strikes teenage boys, goes away by itself in the majority of cases, but may linger in as many as one in 10 adult males. In these circumstances, it may be related with feelings of despair and anxiety, as well as difficulties with eating disorders, body image, and low self-esteem.

Can men remove nipples?[edit]

Yes, nipples can be removed from men's body. Some people believe that male nipples have persisted throughout evolutionary time not because they provide any benefits on a man, but rather because they are not detrimental to the male. Eliminating them would not be beneficial in any way.[2]

History of development of Nipples in men[edit]

Both males and girls are born with nipples and breasts that are the same size and shape. Changes in their appearance don't start to take place until adolescence, when hormones start taking effect. An essential gene that determines whether an embryo will develop into a male or a girl is turned on in embryos at around the seven-week mark. However, at that time, the essential cells that will eventually grow into breasts and nipples have already begun their maturation process. Nipples of both sexes grow bigger, although female nipples grow bigger than male ones. While this is happening, the ducts in the female breasts are expanding, while the male breasts are contracting and changing shape. Nipples of adult males are typically smaller and less varied in size than those of adult females.


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