Can you really make profits using the Martingale strategy on roulette?

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Short answer:
  • Not guaranteed profits, as every bet is a new bet which is independent of any previously placed bets.
  • Martingale leads to a high chance of winning small, and a low chance of losing everything.
Roulette Table
Roulette Table

The total numbers on a roulette table are 37 (0, 1, 2......,35, 36). There are different gameplays, and a player can bet on the below gameplays to win ideally using the Martingale strategy.

  • 1-18, 19-36: Zero is not included
  • Red, Black: Green color is not included
  • Even, and Odd: Zero is not even or odd.

So, the winning percentage is 18/37 in each of the above gameplay is (Total 37 numbers) = 48.64%

If a player bets $10 on the above 3 gameplayers, on winning a player will get $20 (Cost is $10 and $10 is profit).

Which roulette bets can be used for Martingale[edit]

Bets on even-money outer bets, such as 1-18, 19-36; Red, Black, Even, and Odd, should be made exclusively while utilizing the Martingale since this is the most efficient method to use the strategy. They have the best probability of winning (almost 50%), but the smallest reward of all of the options available (1:1). This indicates that you walk away with the same amount of money as you wagered on the spin. In the game of roulette, they are the wagers that are the least likely to result in a loss for the player.[1]

Identify which roulette odds have already occurred a few times and how to select your odds to play[edit]

Because all bets are independent events, there is no way to predict future bets. Any bet is fine.

Game of roulette

How to start Martingale theory and double your bets[edit]

A player should always begin his bets with a little sum, ideally the table minimum, and maintain the same level of bets until losing the game. If a player loses, he needs to increase the amount of his stake for the following spin by a factor of two. In this method, if he wins, he will not only get back the money he lost in the previous round but also receive an additional prize. If a player keeps losing, he should keep increasing his bet since the rationale behind this strategy never changes. When he gets a win, he needs to start again immediately and place the minimum possible wager on the following spin. The process must be repeated.[2]

Martingale System Simulation
Spin Bet Stake Result Profit Total Revenue
1 Black $10 Lose (-$10) (-$10)
2 Black $20 Lose (-$20) (-$30)
3 Black $40 Lose (-$40) (-$70)
4 Black $80 Win $80 $10
5 Black $10 Lose (-$10) $0

Where Martingale's strategy is more dangerous and can result in losing a lot of money?[edit]

The Martingale betting technique carries an exceptionally high level of danger and is used by seasoned players only very seldom because of this fact. The primary concern is that if a player uses it, the player runs the risk of exhausting all of his financial resources extremely rapidly – maybe even after just a few games if he has really awful luck. On top of that, the vast majority of online live roulette UK tables have betting limitations, and it is extremely possible that a player will reach them during a lengthy losing streak. As a result, players will not be able to double up again and recoup the money that they have lost in the process. This is when the Martingale method falls apart spectacularly and may result in a great deal of trouble for any player.

Does the Martingale system have a chance of beating the house edge?[edit]

No, the Martingale strategy is not capable of beating the advantage that the casino has. No betting technique can overcome the inherent mathematical advantage that the casino has over the gambler.

What can be done more to improve the chances of winning with Martingale[edit]

Skipping a few game plays if you are on a losing streak, a few options:

  • Play multiple games together: Even-Odd with Black and White
  • Skipping continuous games play with Martingale and play like Gameplay 1, Gameplay 3, Gameplay 6 and so on with random Gameplay
  • Make a stop loss strategy
  • Change the game if you are losing continuously. For example: If you are losing on red color, change your game to even odd.

Conclusion for using Martingale's strategy on roulette[edit]

Short-term usage of the Martingale method will result in modest profits, but long-term employment of the system is fraught with peril due to the rapid progression it employs. At the end of the day, the sum that other players have lost will almost certainly be more than the amount that you have managed to win. At first glance, it can seem to be successful, but, the numbers don't lie.

If it is successful, the Martingale technique may gain little. However, it is a hazardous method that has the potential to swiftly drain a player's bankroll if they are not careful. This is not a betting strategy that is recommended to be used throughout a lengthy period.

Every single person will, at some point, have a negative encounter with this system. It is possible for the player to wind up losing a significant amount of money in addition to their enthusiasm for the game of roulette.

With more games, there are higher chances with the Martingale strategy that casinos will make more money as odds are in their favor (51.46% = [100% - 48.64%]) and reduce the chance of players winning (48.64%). If two players are playing on different odds (one betting on Red and another betting on Black), still there are chances that casinos will win 2.72% without fear of losing any money. Ideally, a player needs to play fewer games to increase their chances of overall winning in Casino games.


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