Can you make money on roulette with the Paroli betting strategy? How does it compare to Martingale?

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Short answer:
  • It is the opposite of the Martingale: bets bigger when winning, smaller when losing.
  • Lower chances of significant losses.

In the Paroli betting strategy, a player needs to double his bet after any victory up to a maximum of three times. He needs to cash in his winnings and go back to playing with the same amount he started with.

For illustration's sake, let's imagine that a player has a healthy bankroll and that his first bet was $20. If he was going to use the Paroli technique, he would first make a bet of $20. If he successfully won that wager, he would continue to risk $40 on his following bet. If he was successful with that wager as well, he would raise the amount of his last stake to $80.[1]

Paroli betting strategy on roulette, Source: Welovebetting

The Paroli betting strategy is suitable for more conservative players[edit]

If a player has a modest appetite for risk and is not seeking a way to get wealthy quickly, the Paroli method could be suitable for you. This tactic will not guarantee a profit for you, but it will keep you on the betting table for far longer than nearly any other betting approach. When you are on a mini-heater, it will allow you to maximize your victories while minimizing your losses when you are running cold.[2]

Essential things to keep in mind before betting with Paroli betting strategy[edit]

Before using the Paroli technique, the very first thing a player must accomplish is choosing the first stake he will play with. For the system to function as its creators intended, selecting a constant betting unit size throughout is essential. The money he will put on the line at the beginning of each betting cycle.[3]

There is no hard and fast rule about how much this should be, but for players attempting to bet on sports seriously, their unit size should be between 2% and 3% of their bankroll. His first wager would be between $100 and $150 if his bankroll is $5,000, depending on the percentage he selects.

Paroli betting strategy distribution

Maximum relevance to place bets on outcomes with chances that are close to 50/50[edit]

If a player intends to use this technique, he needs to choose bets that give odds as near to 50/50 as he can locate. The idea behind the game of Paroli is that, a player must "double" his wager after each victory, but he is not allowed to raise the amount of the stake he began with at any point in the game.[4]

Following victories, he must increase the amount of his wager using house money.

However, if he bets on a favorite that is favored by 400 units on the money line, his return won't be sufficient to enable him to execute the technique correctly. Because of this, he has to place his bets on the lines about the same as money.

Downsides of the Paroli betting system[edit]

The strategy's viability is contingent on a player achieving a winning streak of three consecutive bets. When the odds are even, the probability of winning three successive bets equals the probability of losing three consecutive bets. It is not possible for the system statistically boost his odds of being successful over the long run. There is no way to estimate the time it will take to string together three consecutive winning bets. A player has to have the mental fortitude to persevere through extended stretches of suffering relatively minor setbacks.[5]

Points of difference in Paroli and Martingale betting strategy[edit]

Paroli betting strategy vs Martingale betting strategy
Point of Difference Paroli betting strategy Martingale betting strategy
Betsize Doubled on wining Doubled on losing
Outlook Considered more optimistic Considered more pessimistic
Level of risk Risk is low Risk is high
Bet limit of the casino table A player cannot cross the bet limit A player can cross the bet limit of table size
Bankroll Bankroll can be small when compared with Martingale betting strategy Bankroll is very high when compared with Martingale betting strategy

Conclusion of Paroli betting strategy with Martingale betting strategy[edit]

The Paroli betting system is more conservative and keeps you in action for longer.

The Martingale system has a large chance of winning small, but a small chance of going bankrupt.

Each of the system has pros and cons, and it's up to each player to decide his preferred strategy.[6]


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