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Why did President Nixon resign?

Short answer

Due to Watergate scandal (more...)

Why did British invaded Tibet in 1903

Short answer

To resolve and establish a boundary between British India and Tibet. (more...)

Who is the president?

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What are the best inflation hedge assets?

Short answer

There is no known asset class that is an effective hedge against inflation. People have put forward some suggestions, but none have been successful in either the short or long term.

  • Real estate (3... (more...)

World inflation rate April 2022.png

Are toll booths in northeast us also checkpoints for valid drivers license

Short answer

No. Although police are often to be found at or near toll plazas, they are looking for speeding, dangerous driving, and other infractions. (more...)

How can we prevent pandemics in the future?

Short answer

  • To prevent future pandemics, climate change needs to be addressed, as pandemics are directly or indirectly tied to climate change.
  • Governments should take away subsidies that enable deforestation,... (more...)

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What are angel numbers?

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Who are the most famous people in India?

Short answer

  • Mahatma Gandhi is a famous social reformer known as the Father of Nation in India.
  • The former president and renowned Missile man of India, Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam
  • The first woman of India to go to sp... (more...)

APJ Abdul Kalam Speech.JPG

How does Youtube know what to suggest you?

Short answer

By considering a variety of signals, such as watch and search history, subscribed channels, sharing, likes/dislikes, clicks, watchtime, surveys, country, and time of day, YouTube's algorithm for deep ... (more...)

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How did the universe begin?

Short answer

  • As suggested by the Big Bang theory, the universe came into existence during a period of inflation that started around 13.8 billion years ago. Within a microsecond, it ballooned from a size too smal... (more...)


Which people, individually, were most responsible for climate change?

Short answer

  • People who use fossil fuels, cut down forests, and raise animals, increase the greenhouse gases in the environment that trap heat and lead to climate change.
  • Almost all of the rise in greenhouse ... (more...)

20211026 Cumulative carbon dioxide CO2 emissions by country - bar chart.svg

Will SWIFT ever be replaced by something else?

Short answer

An alternative solution will not replace SWIFT in the foreseeable future due to the following:

  • They have the largest network of banks and financial institutions globally.
  • They have regulated tech... (more...)

SWIFT 2021 logo.svg

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